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Take Time For Yourself – Tips For New Moms

* This is a contributed article from VeryWellMind   Raising children is never easy. As rewarding as motherhood can be, it’s not without its challenges. This is particularly true if you’re a new mom. Adjusting to the demands of raising a child is difficult for completely understandable reasons. Can you relate? If so, keep the …

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Silly things parents have done whilst sleep deprived

Sleep deprivation is one of the most inescapable consequences of having children and it can make you do the most bizarre things! I’ve found myself pouring diet coke on my cereal in the morning, wearing clothes inside out, squeezing baby lotion into the bath and adding more because it wasn’t very bubbly. Not getting enough …

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Things To Do Before Your Baby Arrives – Third Trimester Checklist

Reaching that last trimester of pregnancy can seem like such a milestone, but then time can seem to drag on forever waiting for your baby to finally make an appearance! With the arrival of your little one just around the corner, here are some third trimester activities to make sure you’re fully prepared for labor, …

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7 Simple Steps to Save Money on New Baby Expenses – Budget Friendly Tips

Just a quick Google on how much it costs to have a baby is enough to make your eyes water! It’s inevitable that there’ll be costs incurred when you have a baby, but are they really THAT expensive? According to research: “The average middle-income family will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s …

Most common breastfeeding problems
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The Most Common Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions

Breastfeeding might be a natural thing, but that doesn’t mean it always comes naturally, or doesn’t have its challenges. When I had my first baby, I never expected it to be difficult, I assumed babies just knew what they were doing, and my body would just do its thing, like it was supposed to! When …

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What parenting really looks like – misadventures at bedtime

Picture the scene. It’s bedtime. After nicely putting their own pyjamas on, the biggest child brushes her own teeth while Mummy helps the second biggest with hers. The baby sits on the floor playing quietly with a toy. Then Mummy pops the baby on her lap and sits on the bed; a child either side …