Mama in Progress is all about sharing real experiences and advice from real parents to help others in their parenting journey from the very beginning. My aim is that it will be full of advice, tips and tricks, stories and more to help you along from pregnant to parent.

I’m a mum to 3 girls, aged 5, 3 and 1. Parenting is HARD. Just when you think you’ve got something cracked, they go and change on you and what was working, doesn’t. Often I feel like I’m just playing at being a parent and actually don’t have a clue what I’m doing! I used to think there were all these ‘perfect parents’ out there who had it all together, who knew exactly what they were doing. Not true! Everyone struggles sometimes, we just don’t necessarily see it.

Whatever stage we’re at, whether that’s planning for a baby, struggling to conceive, pregnant or already a parent of 10, we’re all still ‘Mama’s in progress’.


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