Homeschool summer lunch ideas – top tips for keeping little learners well fed!

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Keeping kids eating a healthy, balanced diet can be difficult when homeschooling. This article features some top tips for keeping fussy eaters well fed! 


Keeping kids eating a healthy, balanced diet can be difficult when homeschooling. Parents have enough going on without mealtimes being a challenge too. Here are some top tips for tasty kids’ meals that even fussy eaters will enjoy! 

Mix it up

Homeschool kid’s meals can be healthy and fun. Try to give fussy eaters as much variety as possible. Even picky eaters love pizza! But instead of serving it with more carbs, chop it up with some spinach and tomato. Drizzle on some olive oil and herbs, and you can go classy and healthy at the same time!

Combine food with learning

Chop up delicious fruits into pieces and use them for learning activities. This is a healthy way of learning number groups, times tables, number patterns, and much more. Better still, your kids get rewarded with healthy fruit when they complete the exercise!

Savory pancakes

Give your kids some variety and excitement with savory pancakes. They will love some choices such as cheese, salsa, guacamole, or ham to fill them. Homemade salsa is delicious and very healthy. 

Warm potato salad

A nice veggie alternative to chicken mayo salad. Homemade warm potato salad is a perfect filling meal for healthy kids. It is also ideal for the summer months because it is warm but not too warm and provides a filling lunch after a hard morning homeschooling! 

Vegetable soup

Another tasty way of getting kids stocked up with vegetables is soup. You have the creative license here. Vegetable soups can be chock full of finely chopped green beans, carrots, potatoes, celery, and broccoli. Veggie soup is also a great way of using up any excess vegetables from the week’s other meals.

Cheese on tuna on toast

Getting balanced nutrients into a picky eater can be tricky. What a great way to add some omega-3 fatty acids and other essential vitamins into your fussy eater! The family’s favorite cheese on toast with some tuna is a delicious, healthy modification.

Burgers – fussy eaters style! 

Make your kids’ meals fun on a Friday. Even fussy eaters usually love burgers. Veggie it up with some fresh rocket, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh dips. You can also swap out fries with some baked sweet potato wedges.

Feeding fussy eaters when homeschooling can be extra problem parents could do without. But with a little creativity in the kitchen, picky eating may quickly seem like a thing of the past! 

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