How to prepare your toddler for a new baby sibling

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Preparing your toddler for a new baby sibling is an important part of their ability to cope with the big change coming in their young life. While the rest of the family will be bustling around with excitement, your other precious little person may be feeling a little more apprehensive and unsure about the new arrival

At this stage, your toddler needs a bit of reassurance. Sit them in this swing for infants and point out the positives and bring him or them on the journey with you, so they feel involved from the early stages of your pregnancy until their new sibling is finally born. 

This article gives you few pointers to help you make the journey as smooth as possible for your toddler and have him excited, not jealous, of the new baby.

Talk to your toddler.

Make them feel involved and in the know. He or she will notice that mommy is a bit more tired than normal – and the belly. Let them know what is happening and deliver the news positively, such as “you will be able to play together.” 

Childrens’ reactions to the news can be a little unpredictable, so brace yourself! While they may seem indifferent at first, keep giving them little snippets of news throughout your pregnancy, and they will soon come round. Let them grow their curiosity and come to you with their thoughts and questions. 

Make it about them

Shine a positive light on the new baby by showing them pictures of them in your tummy and when they were firstborn. 

Walk them through the album or video collection to let them know how they developed and grew, and explain that the same will happen with their new baby brother or sister. This will help them make sense of and rationalize the changes.

Involve them in the key stages of your pregnancy

Bring them on the journey – literally. Take them to doctors’ appointments, show her scan photos, and let her listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Doing so will make it an exciting time and make them feel part of the journey.

When the baby is born, introduce them to the calmest environment and tell them how they will love playing with their older brother or sister. 

Make them feel important and tell them how to play with their new baby sister delicately. Show and guide them until they figure it out for themselves. Showing them the baby’s delicate little fingers and toes is a good place to start. 

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