Affirmations & Encouragement for Stressed-Out Mamas

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Love your self

Being mom can be overwhelming, and sometimes you just have to be your own cheerleader in order to stay strong.

You might find yourself needing a pep talk before you head into battle every day. Yes, children are a gift and bring so much joy, but let’s be honest, it’s hard work being a mom! It’s easy to struggle and feel like you’re never getting it right, or that you simply just don’t have enough time or energy.

But don’t let these worries get the better of you!

Follow this list of positive affirmations for moms – they’ll keep your head up and help remind you that even when things are tough, you can do this.

First thing in the morning, you may feel sleepy and groggy. Sometimes it’s hard to get that motivation going! These encouraging affirmations a great way to start your day with some inspiration.

Use these to give that little push you need to get motivated when things feel tough.

Goal setting

Life is all about setting and achieving goals, one after another. Sometimes we forget our goals when we become moms. What’s something you have wanted to achieve for a long time, but maybe slacked off on? Whether it’s learning to bake a cake from scratch or starting an online class, whatever your goal is, crush it!

You’ve got this!

mom holding baby son above head

You have to wake up every morning and tell yourself “I’ve got this” When you start the day off thinking “I’ve got this”, it will help you to feel like you are going to conquer the day, and you will.

“If you have discipline, drive, and determination…nothing is impossible”

Dana Linn Bailey

This positive affirmation piggybacks off of the last one. With drive and determination paired with discipline, anything can be achieved. Your goals are within reach if only you try hard enough today! You will achieve them no matter what anyone says to discourage or sidetrack you from achieving it in any way shape or form.

A goal without a plan is just a dream

Start with the end in mind. You have dreams, now take one of your dreams and make a plan to achieve it. The dream becomes a goal once you put the plan into action. 

Keep going, you are getting there.

You’ve been working so hard on improving and loving yourself, and maybe it has gotten a little rocky? Keep going! You are much further than when you started. Don’t give up now – your goal is just ahead of the finish line. Push through to reach that prize at the end because you’ve got what it takes

You were not even close before but now look where you are…you’re right there by the finishing point with fewer hurdles in-between to clear. Hang tight for one more push and then all that work will pay off big time!

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started

You may not feel tough in the moment, but you are. You made it this far so keep at it until you reach your goal! Never quit or give up on what is important to you.

I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.

You are closer than you have ever been and you will not let yourself down. It is getting tougher but you’ve got this. You may have a few down days, you may feel worn out, but dig deep and push through. Tonight you will be one step closer to your goal. 

“No influence is so powerful as that of the mother.”

Sarah Josepha Hale

As a mom, you are powerful. Men, women, and children are all influenced by their moms. You are the shaper of our futures. You are the designer of the world. And you are the best mom of all. Keep this in mind when the going gets tough. When the kids are screaming and the sink is leaking and you are teetering on the edge, remember this quote.

Behind every great child is a mom who’s pretty sure she’s screwing it all up

We have all thought that we are screwing it up. You are not alone and if you’re worried about this, you’re probably not one of the moms who is really screwing it up. We do the best we can and we teach our children everything we are able to. It is amazing what they go on to do and become. You are doing a great job, no matter how it feels in the moment you are a great mom. 

You can be a mess and a good mom; you are allowed to be both

No matter what the mess is, we all have them. This does not make you a bad mom. We all have messes, finances, relationships, housekeeping, etc. These things just show us where our strengths and weaknesses are. These can be overcome and take time. You are a great mom and you are working on yourself as well as raising a child/ children. You are amazing and that little mess will soon be a thing of the past!

Your children don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom

Mom holding flowers with daughter smiling

Being happy and joyful is what your children will remember about their childhood. The happier you are, the happier your children will be. Try this out for a day or two and you will see the difference. Smile and show them you are happy and you will see your children’s eyes light up and smile on their faces. 

“To a child’s ear ‘mother’ is magic in any language.”

Arlene Benedict

Mom is one of the sweetest words you have ever heard and to your child mother, mom, mama, is magic. The magic that fixes everything. The magic that makes the boogeyman go away. The magic that makes owies and boo-boos all better. The magic of a mother’s love is heard in her name. 

Something special awaits

Something special awaits you each day. All you need is to do is recognize it and make the most of your day. Have a positive attitude throughout the day and think “today is going to be the best day of my life”.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Henry Ford 

You’ve always been able to do so much. You can’t and won’t ever let anything slow you down! I know that at this moment, it may not feel like everything is going your way but don’t give up because as the saying goes “what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.” 

All of these struggles are making you a better person with more tools in your toolbox for when things get hard again. And most importantly…your children will love YOU forever- no matter what happens today or tomorrow – they’ll never forget how amazing their mom was today and every day after

Today I will be the type of person I would like my children to become

Every day we have little ones that are looking up to us. Our children will model us and do what we do. They don’t always listen and do what we tell them but they are masters at copying the things we do. Today, strive to be the person you want them to become. 

I accept my children just as they are

Whew! Sometimes our children try our patience. When this is occurring, say to yourself “I accept you as you are and for who you are. You are an amazing human being and you will be successful in whatever it is you are trying to achieve”. These words have helped me so many times and I am sure they will help you, too.

I love my kids even when I don’t really like them

Unpopular opinion: most moms have moments where they just plain do not like their children. Listen. Whether you admit it or not, you know sometimes you just don’t like the things they do. We have all been there and we will still love our children no matter what. 

As moms, we are often hard on ourselves and give up when things get tough. It can be challenging to find time for yourself and still take care of the needs of your children. Sometimes it feels like you are a short-order cook, with everyone in the family demanding their own special meal! One day at a time, just keep doing what you’re doing.

You are doing a great job mama!

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