Silly things parents have done whilst sleep deprived

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Sleep deprivation is one of the most inescapable consequences of having children and it can make you do the most bizarre things! I’ve found myself pouring diet coke on my cereal in the morning, wearing clothes inside out, squeezing baby lotion into the bath and adding more because it wasn’t very bubbly.

Not getting enough sleep can make life really challenging, especially when you have little ones to look after. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it, particularly in the early stages, but there are a few ideas in this post about how to cope with sleep deprivation as a new parent.

I remember one night my husband frantically shaking me awake because I was lying on top of the baby – I wasn’t, it was just that in his poor sleep deprived state he had mistaken a pillow for the baby! (I was so angry that he had woken me up and wasted some of my precious sleep time!)

I thought it would be fun to have a post sharing sleep deprived moments from other parents so I asked for the silliest or funniest things other people had done when they hadn’t had as much sleep as they would have liked!


The day after we got home from having our baby my husband was so tired he went out to walk the dog…without the dog!


I was trying to be organised by putting a wash on and making a cuppa in a rush before going out. It wasn’t until I had a big swig of tea and put the washing machine on, that I realised I’d put fabric softener in my tea and milk in the machine drawer! Couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth all day! Yuck!

Rachel, Kids Cuddles and Muddy Puddles

I’ve wandered into every room at home remembering little things I need to do and going to do it then forgetting what it was by time I got there for at least 2 hours … I also bleach cleaned the bathroom in my sleep (I still don’t remember doing it) but the bathroom smelt sooo clean in the morning … neither me nor my partner knew what had happened!!

Laura, Sophella

Put my car keys in the bread bag as you can imagine it took me forever to find them.

Emma, Ready Freddie Go

 Had toddler on my lap when let down occurred so almost latched him on. Newborn was asleep upstairs!

Victoria, The Growing Mum

 Went to make a coffee but used gravy browning instead of coffee!!

Liane, Anklebiters Adventures

I pointed the TV remote at my husband to turn up his volume once, pretty daft but I think I’d had about three hours broken sleep with a newborn!

Lauren, Scrapbook Blog

I attempted to put the kettle into the fridge along with the sugar.

Sarah, Mummy Cat Notes

I’ve slept in a milky top after I leaked  I was too tired to change.

Beth, Life as Mum

Sterilising my Mooncup, let the pot boil dry and set my Mooncup on fire!

Eileen, Your Money Sorted

I once forgot where I’d parked my car. Took me several panicked phones calls and at least 30 minutes of hunting to find it!

Becky, Mommy and Rory

I drained the kids pasta once and it was only when I looked down that I realised that the sieve was upside down and all the pasta had gone in the dirty dishwater… I think I cried for about 10 minutes and then ordered pizza!

Kate, How to feel sexy in big knickers

I misplaced my phone. I looked EVERYWHERE for it before realising there was a tub of butter sat on the couch.. it was then when I realised what I’d done. My phone was in the bloody fridge!

Joanne, Winging Mamahood

I poured frozen peas into my daughter’s breakfast cereal thanks to sleep deprivation. I was getting peas out for lunch, but in my absent minded state I poured them into her rice krispies!

Helen, Treasure Every Moment

I was that tired, after having Miyah that I made toast, before leaving the house. I put the knife and my house keys in the fridge and the butter in the sink. I started crying because I couldn’t find my keys haha!

Rebecca, My Girls and Me

I put a whole wash load on to dry the other day, without washing it first! (We have a washer-dryer in one) Doh!

Victoria, Healthy Vix

I once spent about 10 I’m minutes looking for my phone while I was… on the phone talking to my mum.

Ayse, Arepops

I put the milk away with the cereal in the cupboard so when I came to make a cup of tea later I couldn’t find the milk to add!


 I went into the shower fully dressed in my pjs & dressing gown!

Susan, Susan K Mann

Changed a smelly nappy and instead of putting it in the bin I put it in the drawer after getting out a clean babygrow – and it sat there stinking all day – found it hours later and had to wash the entire contents of the drawer because they smelt so bad!

Kate, Ever After With Kids

Spent 20 minutes looking for my glasses…I was wearing them. Also: I am so blind I can’t do anything without them! That’s how tired I was.


It’s so nice to know that we’re not alone and everyone does daft things when they haven’t slept! Do you have any funny stories to add?

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Funny things moms do when sleep deprived

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